Surveillance of a brand and its logo in France

Vignette - Brand and logo monitoring
Weekly monitoring (annual flat rate) on a single name (composed of one or more words and/or numbers) and a logo, on a maximum of 3 classes of products and services, among the new brands published
Detail of the service
  • PDF file
  • Email address
  • Weekly publication
From : 398,00 €


The advantages of the service

  • Optimize your competitive intelligence and anticipate legal risks

  • Monitor possible illicit uses of your commercial identifiers

  • Save time to devote yourself fully to your project


Scope of the service

New publications of trademarks having effect in France (French, European Union, international trademarks).

    More options?

    For several brands or for a number of classes greater than 3: ask us an estimate in order to benefit from decreasing prices.

    NB: a logo can also be protected by a drawing or model. It is therefore recommended to check that the design or shape of your logo has not already been created.

    The + INPI

    • A dedicated industrial property expert

    • INPI-specific search algorithms


    What is a class? 

    For greater ease, the different products and services have been “arranged” by classes. Clothing thus belongs to class 25. This administrative classification is a practical tool, in particular for carrying out availability searches, but it has no legal value.

    Content of the deliverable

    Weekly report listing new posts of similar brands and logos

    The INPI performs these searches for you, but does not interpret the results. It is recommended to contact a specialist such as an industrial property attorney.