Supervision of a design or model applicant in France

Bi-monthly watch on new published designs
Vignette-Competitor Surveillance
Research on one or more design or model applicants (annual fee)
Detail of the service
  • PDF file
  • Email address
  • Bimonthly publication
From : 610,00 €


The advantages of the service
  • Optimize your competitive intelligence and anticipate legal risks
  • Follow a competitor's deposit strategy

Scope of the service

The new publications of designs in force in France.


The + INPI

A dedicated industrial property expert


The elements to be provided for your quote request are the name(s) of the depositors

Content of the deliverable

Bi-monthly report listing new design publications

The INPI performs these searches for you, but does not interpret the results. It is recommended to contact a specialist such as an industrial property attorney.