Open Data Case Law and Opposition Decisions

Licenses for the reuse of case law data and opposition decisions of the INPI
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Have free access to national judicial decisions on trademarks, patents, designs, as well as decisions of the Director General of the INPI taken within the framework of the opposition procedure to the registration of a trademark
Detail of the service
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The advantages of the service

Create new value-added services, particularly in the cool tech : database for internal use, research and monitoring services, studies and statistics, etc. Reusing, in particular for economic purposes, case law data and opposition decisions with a view to creating new services.

Coverage and data available

French case law


  • patent notices since 1823 and full text of decisions since 1997
  • trademark notices since 1904 and full text of decisions since 1904
  • design notices since 1994 and full text since 1994
  • opposition decisions (French trademarks) since 2004


Available data

  • bibliographic records and full text of decisions


Volumetry (estimate)

  • storage: 7 GB
  • stream: < 40 MB



  • monthly

Opposition decisions


  • decisions since 2004


Available data

  • opposition decisions (French trademarks)
  • decisions of the Director General: referenced and indexed decisions. Full Text
  • approximately 45 documents


Volumetry (estimate)

  • storage: 3 GB
  • stream: < 20 MB



  • monthly


  • Opendata / opening of public data: policy by which an organization makes digital data available to everyone, with the aim of transparency or to promote its reuse, in particular for economic purposes. This policy is governed in particular by articles L. 321- 1 and following of the code of relations between the public and the administration. As part of its missions, the INPI ensures the dissemination and free availability to the public, for the purpose of reuse, of the technical, commercial and financial information contained in industrial property titles.
  • These data are also referenced on the open platform for French public data

Content of the deliverable

  • Inventory files
  • Flow files (variable frequency depending on the bases)


Delivery format: XML files for metadata and PDF text for full text

Delivery method: FTP server access

Delivery frequency: monthly

FTP Information

The INPI communicates to the licensee the URL of the FTP server as well as an identifier and a password enabling him to access the Information in read-only mode.

The username and password are strictly confidential, they cannot be loaned or transferred. Their use engages the responsibility of the licensee, who is responsible for keeping them strictly confidential and secure. The licensee immediately informs the INPI by e-mail at the address when he has knowledge or suspects a compromise or loss of the username and/or password.

Technical assistance

The INPI does not provide technical assistance for loading and using the information.