INPI at the heart of innovation

We are a public institution, entirely self-financed, placed under the supervision of the ministry in charge of intellectual property, at the heart of the creation and innovation process of French companies.

Beyond the filing of titles (patents, trademarks, designs), we act in favor of economic development through actions to raise awareness and promote innovation, whatever its form.


Our core business is to enable everyone to transform innovation into value.


An economic value

An effective innovation strategy enables any company to increase its turnover, gain market share, benefit from a real competitive advantage and position itself as a leader.

At the national level, innovation is a major driver of growth and competitiveness: creation of economic flows, attraction of investors, development of research, export, job creation, etc.


A heritage value

Through its securities portfolio, the company enriches its intangible capital and has tangible sources of income. Collectively, all the titles filed with the INPI are part of our heritage, recognized by the State as “National Treasures” and inspirations for new innovations.


A societal value

Innovation calls for innovation. It's a state of mind, a culture that must irrigate both the company and the entire country. Through their backgrounds, their audacity, their success, our innovators play a mirror role for each of us.


A picture value

Promoting your creations, your innovations, increases your credibility tenfold with your competitors, customers and partners, especially financial ones...

At the national level, all of our innovators in extremely varied sectors, promote the France “brand” on a daily basis, as well as the creativity and richness of “French-style” innovation.


We support companies on a daily basis in the development and optimization of their innovation strategy, through numerous programs, products and dedicated services. Finally, we actively participate in the development and implementation of public policies in the field of intellectual property and the fight against counterfeiting.