WIPO key figures 2019: China, first filer of international patent applications

With 58 international patent applications filed at WIPO in 900, China overtook the United States for the first time in history, and became the leading country of origin of applications. In terms of international trademark registration applications, France is the 2019th applicant and L'Oréal the first company. In general, applications for filings for all of WIPO's industrial property titles increased in 4, marking a record year.
International patent applications (Patent Cooperation Treaty – PCT)

Fullerenes international patent applications filed through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) increased by 5,2 % in 2019, for a total of 265 800 requests.

With 57 applications, the United States lost its first place for the first time since the creation of the PCT in 840, in favor of the China who becomes the main depositor with 58 900 requests.
For the record, in 1999 WIPO received 276 requests from China, ie a 200-fold increase in the number of requests in 20 years.

The first two filing countries are followed by Japan (52 applications), Germany (660), South Korea (19), and France in 353th place (19).

Huawei Technologies retains its top spot

For the third consecutive year, Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies was the top filer with 4411 applications. Next came Mitsubishi Electric Corp. (Japan) (2), Samsung Electronics (South Korea) (661), Qualcomm Inc. (United States) (2) and Guang Dong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications (China) (334).
Among higher education institutions, the University of California remains at the top of the rankings with 470 applications filed in 2019.

Computer technologies lead the business sectors

The sectors of activity most represented among the requests are: “computer technologies” (8,7%), “digital communications” (7,7%), and “electrical machines” (7%).

As a reminder, the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) assists applicants in obtaining patent protection internationally. By filing a single international patent application under the PCT, applicants can seek protection for an invention simultaneously in 153 countries. Each country nevertheless remains sovereign with regard to the issuance procedure initiated by the PCT filing.

International Trademark Applications (Madrid System)

Fullerenes international trademark applications through the Madrid system increased by 5,7 %, for a total of 64 400 applications for registration in 2019.

Those are the United States which have filed the largest number of applications for international trademark registration with 10 078 requests, followed by Germany (7), China (700), France (6) and Switzerland (339).

L'Oréal dominates the ranking

L'Oréal, a French company, tops the ranking of the main applicants with 189 requests, followed by Novartis AG (Switzerland) (135), Huawei Technologies (China) (131), Nirsan Connect Private Limited (India) (124) and Rigo Trading (Luxembourg) (103).
This is the first time that Chinese and Indian companies have been among the top five applicants.

“Computers and electronics”, the most mentioned class

The class most often indicated in international trademark registration applications is “computer and electronics”, representing 10,1% of the total. It is followed by “business services” (8,3%) and “technology services” (6,7%).

As a reminder, the Madrid system allows, after filing a single application and paying a single set of fees, to seek protection in a maximum of 122 countries. It is also possible to modify, renew or expand its international brand portfolio via a single centralized system.

International Design Registration Applications (Hague System)

Fullerenes international design registration applications industries under the Hague system have experienced a growth of 10,4 %, for a total of 21 807 drawings or models contained in the applications filed.

The main countries filing design applications are: Germany (4), followed by South Korea (487) which overtook Switzerland (2) in 736. Italy and the Netherlands are fourth and fifth, with 2 and 178 designs respectively. France is in 2019th position (1).

Samsung Electronics first filing company

Samsung Electronics (South Korea) with 929 designs tops the list of top applicants, followed by Fonkel Meubelmarketing (Netherlands) (859), LG Electronics (South Korea) (598), Volkswagen (Germany) (536) and Procter & Gamble (United States) (410).

“Recording and telecommunications devices”, the first filing area

The main fields in which applications for registration of designs have been filed are: "recording and telecommunications apparatus" (13,6%), "furnishings" (10,1%), "means of transport" (9,4%), “packaging and containers” (6,4%) and “lighting devices” (6,2%).

As a reminder, the Hague system concerning the international registration of industrial designs, allows the registration of up to 100 designs in more than 73 contracting parties, covering 90 countries, by filing a single international application.

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