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CAPI: Intellectual Property Animator Certificate

-- CAPI: Module I Pres (14:00 p.m.) --
- Define intellectual and industrial property
- Know the international conventions and organizations
- Know the legal bases in the law of obligations

-- CAPI: Module II Dist (21:00) --
- Know the conditions of acquisition, exploitation and defense of trademarks;
- Know the conditions of acquisition, exploitation and defense of designs;
- Know the conditions of acquisition, use and defense of copyright.

-- CAPI: Module III Dist (14:00 p.m.) --
- Define the invention patent and the patentability criteria;
- Know the structure of a patent and the information contained;
- Know the stages of the issuance procedure in France.

-- CAPI: Module IV Dist (14:00 p.m.) --
- Know the terms and conditions of protection abroad;
- Know the methods of defending the rights conferred by the patent.

-- CAPI: Module V Pres (21:00 p.m.) --
- Know how to use databases;
- Mobilize IP information sources;
- Know the methods of protection and enhancement of know-how;
- Know the best practices in the management of IP portfolios.

-- CAPI: Module VI Pres (14:00 p.m.) --
- Know the best practices in terms of:
* Research and development contract;
* Confidentiality agreement;
- Know how to use laboratory notebooks;
- Know the rules applicable to creations and inventions by employees.

-- CAPI: Module VII Pres (14:00 p.m.) --
- Know the best practices in terms of licensing and assignment contracts.
- Manage the company's intellectual property activities (risks, opportunities, costs) by ensuring the management of the property title portfolio.
- Raise awareness and train employees in the company's innovation approach by integrating the management of intellectual property.

-- CAPI: Module VIII Pres (07:00) --
Prepare for the final assessment.

-- CAPI: Module IX Pres (07:00) --
Evaluate the knowledge acquired during the training
Mixed - face-to-face in Marseille and remotely depending on the modules