Personal data

The National Institute of Industrial Property collects personal data:

  • as part of its public service missions,

  • in the context of its relationship with visitors to the site,

  • as part of its online recruitment service.


The INPI makes its best efforts to comply with the law Modified data processing and freedoms and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), by implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures. As our website evolves, new information will be provided.

The INPI implements processing that complies with the conditions of lawfulness and fairness provided for by the GDPR, and strives to make them as transparent as possible. The data collected is minimized and the Institute ensures the security of transactions and data hosting, both for its own servers and those of its subcontractors.

The various processing operations involving personal data on the website

INPI Connect

The INPI Connect secure personal space is an electronic service offered by the INPI, under the conditions provided for by article L112-9 of the Code of relations between the public and the administration, giving access to administrative procedures relating to industrial property titles, business formalities, consultation of disseminated data and the customer area.

The personal data collected by the INPI during registration is necessary for access to the services as provided for in the 2021-61 decision of the Director General of the INPI and the Terms of Service of service.

The personal space creation data is kept indefinitely in order to facilitate the subsequent management of rights. The creator of the personalized space may request the deletion of his account in the absence of an active procedure or formality or modify the data online. The recipients of the information are INPI employees.

Contact us for any information.

Industrial property procedures

The personal data collected is necessary for the processing of requests. This information is required by the intellectual property code, European Trademark Regulation, the treaties et international conventions and decisions of the director of the INPI.

Within the framework of the INPI's legal obligations, provided for in particular by articles of the Intellectual Property Code specific to each title of ownership, the contact details of the applicant, his representative and the inventors (surnames, first names and address) are subject of a publication in the Official Bulletin of Industrial Property BOPI, distributed in electronic form. More broadly, information is made available to the public in data base, which are released for reuse.

The data is stored indefinitely in the Institute's databases.

The right of rectification after delivery is framed by the procedures of the INPI and gives rise to other formalities, sometimes paying. For any information, fill in the Contact form.

One-stop shop for businesses

The Guichet Unique (Electronic one-stop shop for business formalities), of the INPI is the unique online service allowing entrepreneurs to complete the formalities and procedures necessary for the creation, modification of the situation and the termination of activity of a company, in accordance with 15° of article R. 411-1 of the Intellectual Property Code.

The personal data collected is necessary for the processing of requests: they are governed by articles R. 123-3 et R. 123-4 of the Commercial Code.

Within the framework of the legal obligations of the INPI, provided in particular by article  D.411-1-3 of the Intellectual Property Code, the data collected is subject to publication in the national register of companies, distributed in electronic form. Wider, the information is made available to the public in a database, which is disseminated for reuse.

For any information, fill in the Contact form.

The National Business Register

The INPI is responsible for maintaining and distributing the National Business Register. The data disseminated on the Data INPI site are all those provided for by article L. 123-52 of the Commercial Code. Data is also released for reuse, through open data licensing.

Individuals may object to the reuse of their personal data for prospecting purposes during business formalities on the One-Stop Shop, or on the National Business Register website. The right of rectification is exercised via the formality on the One-stop shop.

For any information, fill in the Contact form.

Creating a payment account

The Director General of the INPI implements the processing of personal data in view of the creation of a customer account offering only a method of payment allowing payment of the procedural or service fees collected by the Institute ( Article L.411-2 CPI Article R.411-17 CPI amended by the decree of June 10, 2015 amending the decree of April 24, 2008 relating to procedural fees collected by the National Institute of Industrial Property 2015-595 of June 2, 2015 – art. 2).

The data collected are surname, first name, bank details and, for natural persons, a copy of an identity document (CNI, passport or residence permit): all are necessary for processing.

These data are intended for employees of the INPI Accounting Agency with regard to their respective functions and are stored on the INPI's secure servers.

They are kept for up to five years beyond the closure of the account by the client or by the Accountant, in order to meet the regulatory obligations of the Institute.

Individuals may exercise their rights of access and rectification of their personal data by completing this online form.

Open data licenses

The INPI is committed to a process of opening up its data by offering them free access. Proprietary and RNCS data are available for reuse and are subject to open data licenses. A form collects the following personal data to obtain such a license: surname, first name, email address, physical address.

Data is retained as long as the subscription is active. They are intended for the INPI employees concerned and stored on the Institute's secure servers.

The rights of natural persons of access, rectification, erasure or limitation may be exercised by completing this online form.

Other benefits and services
The customer journey

The customer area offers each INPI customer a summary of their procedures and allows them to modify their contact details. 

The personal data collected are surname, first name, e-mail address, profession, physical address, telephone number. The customer can, if he wishes, upload a personalized image.

The recipients are INPI employees responsible for managing the customer journey.

Customers can exercise their rights of access, opposition, deletion, modification by completing this online form.

Ordering through the store

The information provided by the customer (name, addresses, bank card number) to the INPI when placing his order or when paying by bank card are necessary for the performance of the services and are intended solely for the services of the INPI.

This information is deleted after a period of one year after the date of the order. The credit card number is not stored in databases, neither at the INPI nor with its service provider.

The customer can exercise his right of access and rectification by completing this online form.

Registration for training

The data collected during registration for a training session offered by the INPI is necessary for the administrative management and monitoring of registration.

The personal data collected are those of the employer (name, address, email, telephone) and of the trainee (surname, first name, email address, profession, physical addresses, telephone).

The data is kept for the duration of the contractual relationship, then deleted 3 years later or at the request of the customer.

The recipients are INPI employees in charge of customer relations, the management of training sessions and the accounting agency.

Customers can exercise their rights of access, opposition, deletion, modification by completing this online form.

Contacts with the INPI

Three methods of contact are offered by the INPI: one by telephone, the other via a contact form and the last by mail. In all three cases, the data collected is processed on the basis of the INPI's missions consisting of responding to requests for information from interested persons; to assist applicants during proceedings; to define the needs of interested parties; to transmit information on industrial property and business formalities to interested persons; to undertake any awareness-raising action for the protection of innovations and for the registration of companies.

In all three cases, the following personal information is collected: surname, first name, e-mail address, profession, physical address, telephone number. Via the contact form, the interested party can, if they wish, send a file. The data is kept for three years after the last contact.

The recipients are the INPI employees responsible for the relationship with the interested parties.

Individuals can exercise their rights of access, opposition, deletion, modification by completing this online form

Subscription to PIBD (the INPI’s law review)

The INPI implements a processing of personal data in order to constitute a file of PIBD subscribers.

The personal data, collected through the subscription request, are necessary for the proper management of the latter and allow in particular a personalized sending of this review.

The personal data collected are surname, first name, delivery email address, company name, position in the company, physical address (city and country only).

They will be kept on the INPI's secure servers for one year after the termination of your subscription and are intended for INPI employees responsible for managing PIBD subscriptions.

Subscribers may exercise their rights of access, opposition, deletion, modification or limitation by completing this online form.

Online applications
Online applications

The INPI offers an online recruitment procedure, either by posting an unsolicited application or by responding to an advertisement posted on

The data collected on this occasion is integrated into a database of our service provider responsible for hosting the applications, in Saas mode, on a secure server located in France.

The recipients of the data are only authorized INPI employees, as well as also authorized service provider employees.

The data present in the CV uploaded by the candidates is automatically extracted to populate the database (identity, address, contact data, training, skills, languages, salary expectations, national mobility, cover letter). Required items are preceded by an asterisk.

Applications are kept for 24 months after the last contact and then deleted.

Selected candidates are called for an interview. The applications are then likely to be transmitted, according to a secure procedure, to a recruitment agency for the performance of additional tests, in particular psychotechnical and psychological tests.

You can access information about you, rectify it or delete it yourself online or by filling out this online form.

Third party
Third party

As recommended by the Cnil, the INPI has chosen a centralized solution for collecting consent to the cookies present on its site: the TarteAuCitron solution implemented allows you to choose to authorize tracers according to their activity at any time by clicking So link.

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For any question relating to the management of your personal data, you can contact the INPI personal data protection officer by proving your identity.

If questions should persist, you could contact the French supervisory authority, the CNIL.

Date of first publication: May 2018

Last update : 2th January 2023