Before you apply

Which products and services will be covered by the trademark application?

It is up to you to decide precisely the products and/or services you want to use your trademark for. The protection obtained will depend solely on the products and/or services listed in the application. Take the time to properly define your needs.

Classify your products and services

Once you have chosen the goods and/or services for which you want to file a trademark, you must order them according to the international classification known as the "Nice Classification" and, finally, list them with their class(es) on the electronic trademark filing form. Indeed, for greater ease, the various products and services have been organised by class. For example, computers belong to class 09, clothing to class 25 and medical services to class 44. You can use the wordings appearing in the international classification to designate your goods and/or services. You can also select your products and/or services from predefined lists of products and services which are already correctly classified and which meet the precision requirements of the INPI. Or you can use other wordings, provided they are clear and precise enough; otherwise, the examination might take longer than initially expected or the application might be refused. This classification allows you to conduct availability searches and to know the amount of fees to be paid to the INPI.

Please note: after filing, you will not be able to add new products and/or services. As the case may be, you may have to file another trademark application for any missing products and/or services and pay another fee.