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  • Use these classes to search patent, trademark and design databases
  • Determine the classes corresponding to your trademark and design activities, for which the INPI examiners do not object when filing


  • 11th edition of the International Classification of Goods and Services for Trademarks
  • 9th Edition of the International Classification for Designs
  • link to the latest annual edition of the International Patent Classification

Nice Classification

The Nice Classification is a classification of goods and services intended for the registration of trademarks or service marks.

Indeed, for greater ease, the different products and services have been “arranged” by classes. Clothing thus belongs to class 25. This administrative classification is a practical tool, in particular for carrying out availability searches, but it has no legal value.

Locarno Classification

In principle, all the designs or models designated in a deposit must be intended to be incorporated or applied to products, belonging to the same category, also called “class”. The international list of designs is called the “Locarno Classification” or “EUROLOCARNO”.

International Patent Classification (IPC)

> Access the classification on the WIPO website