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Online consultation of case law relating to trademarks, patents, designs
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The advantages of the service
  • Have a better control of legal risks
  • Have access to elements of case law in the context of a legal conflict

Coverage and data available

  • Patent since 1823 (full text since 1997)
  • Brand since 1904 (full text since 1997)
  • Designs since 1994 (full text since 1994)
  • French trademark opposition decisions since 2004 (with full text)

The + INPI

  • The most comprehensive database on the market for industrial property case law, updated daily
  • Description by keywords of the most important decisions
  • More than 100 French court decisions relating to trademarks, patents, model designs as well as the decisions of the Director General of the INPI taken during the opposition procedure to the registration of a trademark